Scrub Tube Squeezer

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For every last drop! This metal key is the perfect accessory to help you squeeze every little bit of your favorite scrub out of its aluminium tube. Say goodbye to waste and hello to sustainable satisfaction!

To use, simply slide the key in at the top of the tube and twist.

Made from metal alloy. 100% recyclable and plastic-free.

About the brand:

Back in 2015, William an Anna had a thought: if we’re throwing away a cafetière full of coffee grounds every morning, how much is going to waste from coffee shops all over London?

A lot, as it turns out. So they decided to do something about it – a way to give those coffee grounds a new lease of life. And UpCircle was born.

Today they collect coffee grounds from from hundreds of coffee houses across London. Creating a positive environmental impact is at the heart of what they do here at UpCircle.