Sonnentor – Assam black tea loose 95g

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A rich Assam black tea with malty and slightly smoky nuances. In “English” it is often served with a shot of milk.

Store away from heat and in a dry place.

Above sun gate:

Behind the brand “Sonnentor”, which is now known beyond the borders, there is a wonderful history of development. Johannes Gutmann’s Waldviertel one-man company, which was still smiled at in 1988, now has more than 500 employees. As one of the first organic advocates, he moved from farmers’ market to farmers’ market with his herbs right from the start. In the course of time he was able to win over a few farmers for himself, and now over 300 farmers are part of the Sonnentor family.

The Sonnentor philosophy of “live and let live, mutual recognition and appreciation, fruitful cooperation” is something many companies can take a leaf out of their book.