Tyrolean organic seasoning sauce 100ml

The smoky variant of the “Wiener Würze”

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In the Tiroler Würze, the unique taste of a purely Austrian organic lupine sauce is enhanced by the additional aroma of smoking with beech wood. As tasty as the cuisine of the Alps: The smoked organic lupine sauce with that certain extra at table and in the kitchen. Umami in best quality! A Viennese woman combines with a Tyrolean woman – the spicy taste of oat, the sweetish aroma of lupine – in combination with a strong, smoky smoky note and this certainly without flavour enhancers and additives! Whether as a pickling agent or as a natural flavour hit in pasta dishes, salads, spreads and and and and – a universally applicable seasoning, the “Tyrolean Spice”!

100% organic, vegan and from Austria.


About the brand:

The Austrian company “Genusskoarl” was founded in 2016 by Karl Severin Traugott. In the 8th generation of brewers, he breaks new ground with the production of the “Wiener Würze” (Viennese wort) away from the classic brewing. In addition to his products of the “Wiener Würze” and the “Paprikagenuss”, there is now also a new Tyrolean wort. Due to the family connection to brewing and the production of food in general, high quality and regional reference has always been important.