Eco All Purpose Cleaner 3 Tabs

  • Packaging with contents 22 g
  • Packaging without contents 8 g
  • Package size 13 cm x 10 cm
  • Contains 3 tabs per package
  • Produces approx. 2-3 litres of detergent, equivalent to 2-3 bottles
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Biobaula All Purpose Cleaner dissolves quickly, is pH neutral and removes all everyday dirt in the twinkling of an eye.

Use BIOBAULA All Purpose Cleaner to clean all types of surfaces with dirt. You will achieve a pleasantly fragrant cleanliness and thus keep your environment environmentally friendly clean.

Spray the dirty surface with BIOBAULA All Purpose Cleaner and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Biodegradable product (according to CE Norm Nº 648/2004 Detergent Ordinance)

All our tabs leave no harmful residue whatsoever. Thus they are easily applicable in households with animals.


No animal experiments
Water soluble product
100 % reduced plastic and packaging waste
100 % biodegradable
100 % vegetable ingredients
95 % less transport weight Reduction of CO² emissions


Ingredients: 5 % perfume, non-ethoxylated anionic surfactant. Contains limonene. Also included: Acidity regulators, bases, stabilizers and colorants. 100 % of the total ingredients are of natural origin.


How does the BIOBAULA Öko Tab work?

With BIOBAULA you buy only the cleaning tabs and receive a complete cleaning agent by adding water. In addition, all BIOBAULA TABS are 100% biodegradable and ecologically sound.


About the brand:

Biobaula was founded in 2019 by Markus Winkler, the owner of an organic shop in Bruckmühl (Germany), and received the Best New Product Award in the Non-Food category at Biofach 2020. The idea came to him when he saw a bottle of detergent floating in the sea on a beach vacation and thought that these bottles could be used more than once. That was the birth of the idea for Biobaula and the mascot “Baula” of the sea turtle.