Glass bottle (medical glass) 500ml

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When the old cleaner bottles have had their day, there is the Biobaula glass bottle. Due to the 500 ml filling quantity, it is still handy when fully filled and does not make cleaning difficult due to unnecessary weight. The spray head is of high quality, which makes it extremely durable and the glass bottle is unbreakable. The spray bottle offers the perfect application container for the cleaning tabs.

Technical specifications


Nominal volume: 500 ml
Full rim volume: 520 ml
Weight: 246 g
Height without spray head: 175 mm
Diameter: 77 mm
Quality: medical glass bottle, unbreakable


Spray nozzle:

Note: not dishwasher safe
Application: 2 application variants (point and area spray function)
Material: BPA free plastic



Unscrew the spray head
Halve the tab
Drop the divided tab into the bottles
Pour lukewarm water on it
Have a coffee and wait about 10 minutes


About the brand:

Biobaula was founded in 2019 by Markus Winkler, the owner of an organic shop in Bruckmühl (Germany), and received the Best New Product Award in the Non-Food category at Biofach 2020. The idea came to him when he saw a bottle of detergent floating in the sea on a beach vacation and thought that these bottles could be used more than once. That was the birth of the idea for Biobaula and the mascot “Baula” of the sea turtle.